Manual Therapy:
We provide specific skills that involve hands on techniques that are used for physiotherapy assessment and treatment. This includes, but not limited to, joint mobilization or manipulations, soft tissue massage, certain types manual stretching, facilitation strategies to initiate muscle activation and promote patient confidence and comfort.
Sport Specific Assessment and Performance Training:
As an athlete, it is important to train how you play to meet the physical demands of the sport.  We provide individualized sport evaluations and training regimes to improve your performance goals, such as power, strength, speed, agility, balance and much more.
Dry Needling:
Do you mean acupuncture? No, I mean dry needling. This technique is performed by inserting a thin needle through the skin into specific areas in the muscle called myofascial trigger points. Dry Needling helps these as hypersensitive, taut bands of muscle relax and function better by reducing pain, improve range of motion and reduce tightness in those areas that never seem to resolve. Click here for more information

Exercise Prescription:
At Body Kinect, we emphasize the importance of individualized exercise programs by teaching, modifying and explaining the significance of why particular exercises are for right you! We will provide you with a specific home exercise program that will include illustrations, parameters and instructions on how to perform the program correctly. One expectation is that you adhere to the program to achieve the best results. This is definitely one service of ours where we can encourage, progress, be creative and most of all, have fun!
Senior Health:
Falls continue to be the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations among 20-30% of seniors in Canada. It can lead to fractures, surgeries, brain injuries, loss of independence, various mental health issues and mortality. One way physiotherapists can prevent falls is to perform a series of balance tests to assess whether you are at risk for falling. Based on your performance, we can provide you with ways to manage your home environment, prescribe balance training or an assistive device (Four wheeled walker/cane) that can help with prolonged ambulation. We also provide rehabilitation care after surgery or hospital stay.
Assistive Devices Program Authorizer for Rollator Walkers:
Michael is authorized in assessing, prescribing and providing a four-wheeled (rollator) walker from a vendor of your choice. Specific requirements have to be met to be eligible for 75% government funding. Click here to check if you are eligible

Pre- and Post-Surgical Intervention:
No one enjoys having surgery. You can’t sleep; you are in pain; can’t move; you can never find a comfortable position and it can be awkward asking (your sister) to help you tie your shoes. I get it! We look forward to helping you progress and ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. We provide an excellent service between the Pursuit Sport Recovery and Body Kinect Physiotherapy. We offer specific modalities that enhance recovery and healing, as well as, teach and guide you through a gradual all-inclusive training program that will challenge you, NOT harm you. Our individualized pre and post operative rehabilitation programs will offer one on one care to help you restore your function and independence.
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